It’s amazing how much of our lives are stored on computers these days.  Our photographs, movies, music, along with our personal and professional documents and information all live on your computer’s hard drive.  While computers are constantly evolving, accidents and failure still do occur.  Fortunately, data backup solutions can save the day.  Tech Savvy Maui will help configure any hard drive purchased from its store to work with Time Machine on your Mac.  Time Machine is Apple’s built-in solution for handling local backup of your information.

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Occasionally computers become non-functional before you have had a chance to properly back them up.  We can retrieve information on non-functional computers and recommend options for repair or replacement of the computer.  Or simply provide the data on an appropriate storage device.

If the hard drive inside the computer itself is failing, we also offer a full suite of data recovery services.  In house we can non-destructively work with your drive to attempt data recovery.  Should our efforts not be successful, we are partnered with DriveSavers for full clean room drive repair and data recovery services.  In either case, we’ll work with you and answer any questions you have along the way.  Data recovery services are only billed when the data set recovered is the data requested, and all data recovered is stored privately and securely.

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Start breathing easier today knowing your data is backed up and safe guarded against accident, loss, theft or failure.

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