When technology doesn't work as expected, it can lead to a frustrating and nerve wracking computing experience.  With over 20 years of experience, we realize that despite their best intentions, computers are not perfect.  We can help navigate through these problems and help keep you and your information safe, up and running, up to date, with confidence.


When your Mac is acting up, it can really drag you down.  Schedule an appointment with us today and rest easy.  We'll take a look at your problem, help ensure data backup and security, lay out a plan to get your issue resolved, and get your device back in your hands.

iMac and MacBook Air
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email support

Need to tackle an email related issue?  Perhaps you can send, but can't receive messages, or vice versa.  Maybe you need help switching from one email provider to another, or want to forward, set up rules, or archive emails safely.  No matter the email issue, we can help.  Schedule an appointment today!

iCloud support

iCloud troubles?  With all of the services offered via Apple's iCloud, it can be confusing and in some cases can cause you to wonder what on earth is going on?  Whether it's an iCloud Drive syncing issue, or a large iCloud Photo Library that needs al little help to sync up, we can help resolve iCloud issues, explain what iCloud is, or help you back out of it all together if it's not right for you.  Book an appointment today to get started.