COVID-19 Update

As Maui has entered a stay at home order for many of Maui's residents and in order to slow the infection rate and fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Tech Savvy Maui is adjusting its schedule.  Our in store appointment window will now be from 9 AM-12 PM with a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice Monday through Friday.

We will try to limit these appointments to emergency type situations like computers with no power or other issues holding folks up.  We are currently trying to move all other appointments to either remote support or delayed visits (like upgrades or new system build consultations).  We want to also remind our customers that we also offer remote troubleshooting and consultation over the phone or via TeamViewer remote screen sharing.  Our regular hours of 9 AM to 5PM apply for these types of appointments.  We are committed to helping our customers during this time and wish everyone good health and safety as we tackle this tough time.

Remote Support Available!

Stuck at home and need some help?  Don't pack everything up and drag it down to the shop.  Learn more about our Remote Support service and book an appointment to get back up and running in no time!


We can help fix your Mac or PC when it isn't acting like its supposed to.  We provide tech support through in store visits, via email or text, or at your home.  Let us help you get back up and running in no time!

Backup & Recovery

Need help getting backed up?  Looking to recover data from a failed system?  We can help.

Malware Removal

Popups, random web pages or applications slowing your system to a crawl?  It could be a malware, known to many as a virus.  We can fix your Mac or PC and get it back to normal.

hard drive SSD

Upgrade Your older Mac with a Solid State Hard Drive

Looking to increase speed, capacity, or both on your older Mac notebook or desktop?  Tech Savvy Maui has 500GB and 1TB solid state hard drives available now.  Get your Mac in today and let us do the work.  We remove your old hard drive, dust out your boards and fans, and replace your old hard drive with our new solid state drive.  We can also transfer your data, make sure your Mac is up to date all within no more than a couple of days in most cases.  A solid state drive provides a tremendous speed and reliability boost over traditional rotational hard drives.  Breath new life into your Mac today!  Click here to book an appointment.

Book an Appointment

Looking for local Mac help here on Maui?  Use our online scheduler to get an appointment today.  If you just want to call and have us schedule you in or want us to come to your home, we are just a phone call or  Email away.  Call (808) 657-6259 today to have us set up a time that works for you!

The Apple Ecosystem

Macs, iPhones, iPads, and more have created a wide ranging ecosystem of products and services.  Many Apple fans love their simple approach to technology, but even the simplest things sometimes go awry.  If you need Mac help on Maui, Tech Savvy Maui can troubleshoot, repair, or provide the knowledge needed to navigate and thrive in today's world.  Whether it's your small business, your home, or you are just here visiting, we can provide the support you need.  Click here to get started and book an appointment.  With over 20 years experience, we've often seen issues before, and we have the know how to research and learn when new issues arrive.

Our business logo and a selection of cool looking older Macs and good luck charms
PC - 1

Windows Based PCs

Tech Savvy Maui also offers PC based troubleshooting and support, including remote support.  Or if you are looking to purchase a custom PC, we are taking bookings to design and build from $499.95.  With Windows and the various hardware manufacturers you have the flexibility to design a system suited to your needs.  Go big on graphics performance, or storage, or processing speed if its what you need.