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Gearing up to better serve you

Tech Savvy Maui continues to grow and expand!  We’ve been adding to our inventory of Moshi products and have recently partnered with DriveSavers to be able to offer next level data recovery services.  Our online store is live and you can now browse available items on the store and pick them up when you are in town.  Be sure and check our profiles on Yelp and Google for any sales or promotions we have as well.

If you have yet to visit us, below are some photos of our location to check out!

Wall Mounted TV View Moshi-logo-white-500px-w-backgrond (1)

Moshi + Tech Savvy Maui

Moshi is our premier partner because of their commitment to high quality, their unmatched customer service, and their Apple-centric design philosophy.  They truly make products that match the level of quality you’d expect from a high end company, while still offering competitive prices.  Be sure to check out all the offerings in store or online at our new online store.  If you ever run into a problem with any moshi products purchased at Tech Savvy Maui, just bring it in for a quick diagnosis and replacement.

DriveSavers + Tech Savvy Maui

If you have an old computer, failed hard drive, or device, and would like to recover the information, come and see us!  With over 20 years experience, we can transfer, back up, or recover data from your broken computer, drive, or device.  If a drive is past our ability to recover, we have partnered with DriveSavers to offer clean room data recovery services.  All the work we do leading up to DriveSavers is non-destructive, so you can try first with us, and then have us facilitate the drive if necessary to DriveSavers.




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